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For any requests (lecture / panel / presentation requests, interview / appointment / broadcast requests, jury participation requests, project site visit requests, etc.) regarding Evren Başbuğ personally, please contact our office via []. It would be more practical if you'd give us a call after you send us an e-mail. In any case, please read the terms & conditions before you contact us.

Terms & Conditions:

1 / In your e-mail message, please clearly state the nature of the event / meeting by providing the following information:

> Who is (the individuals, the group of individuals or the institution) responsible with the organization of the event / meeting?

> What is the scheduled date & exact time of the event / meeting? If there is an announced or a draft timetable available, please provide this information to us.

> If the event / meeting has a pre-defined theme, please give us some background information about it.

> If the event / meeting has some kind of a collaborative nature (like a panel or a jury composed of multiple participants), please name the other invited individuals and groups of individuals together with their professional / institutional affiliations.

> Please provide information on the profile (students, professionals, age groups, demographics or any other special common features, ets.) of the audience, and the estimated number of the expected participants.

> Please provide information on the nature (public event, closed session, educational activity, non-profit organization, paid event, etc.) of the event / meeting.

> Please provide information on any special requests (preperation on a certain topic, presentation on a certain topic or theme, etc.) regarding Evren Başbuğ.

> Please send us any visual communication products (posters, flyers, banners, social media posts, etc.) that has been prepared for the event / meeting.

2 / We hope you will understand that we are unable to accept every request due to our intensive working schedule.

3 / For the event / meeting requests that do not have a nature of public or educational interest, please keep in mind that we may request an honorarium fee in advance.


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