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Founded in 2012, İzmir & Ankara based Studio Evren Başbuğ Architects Co. Ltd. provides services for all fields and disciplines of design with a focus on the architectural and urban scale. The young and dynamic design team strives to create a critical balance between the experience and the experimental, thus keeping the design mindset fresh at all times.


The Yeşilova Höyük Visitor Center and Bostanlı Footbridge & Sunset Lounge are among the most notable recent works designed by the practice. The Bostanlı Footbridge & Sunset Lounge was awarded the National Architecture Award in the 'Buildings / Public Space' category in 2018.

The founder and the creative director of the office, Evren Başbuğ (M. Arch.), has won over 20 awards (including 4 first prizes) in national architectural competitions and various professional awards and commendations from national / international platforms / programmes. In addition to his professional career, Evren Başbuğ is teaching as a part-time studio instructor at TED University Faculty of Architecture. He is also a member of the Architects’ Professional Committee in the İzmir Chamber of Commerce.



Evren Başbuğ
Architect, Founding Partner, Creative Director​

M.Arch.; Middle East Technical Uni. 2003, İstanbul Bilgi Uni. 2009

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Oğuz Bodur

Architect, Partner

M.Arch.; Izmir Inst. of Technology 2017, Yasar Uni. 2022



Cansu Özlütürk

Architect / M.Arch.; Izmir Inst. of Technology 2015, Izmir Inst. of Technology 2018

Yusuf Bahadır Çelik

Architect / B.Arch.; Bursa Technical Uni. 2023

Rüya İpek Balaban

PR Manager / MS Arch. & Urban Des.; Rice Uni. 2008, Columbia Uni. 2011

A. Tamer Başbuğ

Honorary Partner, Advisor / B.Arch.; ADMMA 1980

Ceyhun Baskın

Advisor / M.Arch.; Middle East Technical Uni. 2003, DRL Architectural Association 2005

Dilşad Kurtoğlu

Advisor / M.Arch.; Dokuz Eylül Uni. 2009, Middle East Technical Uni. 2014

Umut Başbuğ

Advisor / B.Arch.; Middle East Technical Uni. 2008

Özcan Kaygısız​

Advisor / B.Arch.; Middle East Technical Uni. 2003

A. Sara Kerimi Bodur

Advisor / M.Arch. & Urban Des.; Izmir Inst. of Technology 2017, Izmir Inst. of Technology 2021

Nilay Altınay

Architectural Assistant / Interior Architect (06.2019 / 10.2022)

Elif Geylani

Architect (07.2018 / 10.2020)

Dilşah Şatıroğlu

Architect (01.2020 / 08.2020) 

Oğuzhan Zeytinoğlu

Lead Architect (10.2015 / 08.2019)

Duygu Kısacık

Architect (09.2017 / 07.2018)

Can Özcan

Lead Architect (12.2013 / 05.2017)

Özlem Arvas

Lead Architect (03.2015 / 03.2016)

Tuba Tuncalı

Lead Architect (08.2013 / 05.2014)

Hüseyin Komşuoğlu

Lead Architect (04.2012 / 07.2013)

İpek Baklacı

Architect (08.2012 / 11.2012)

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